Asako Natsume

夏目 あさ子
Birthday: July 2 Blood type: O Height: 157cm She was a classmate of Shizuku who one day asks for help in a retest that she must not fail. Shes revealed to be active on the web where she has a blog on which she even posted to need two strands of Mittis hair to complete a ritual thatd assure them to become best friends. Shes good at sports. She has poor grades and does not have any friends outside of the internet. She was bullied and ostracized by her friends and classmates in the past due to her popularity with the boys. She falls in love with Mitsuyoshi Misawa and is often comforted by Sohei Sasahara when her love attempts fail. She is voiced by Yuiko Tatsumi in drama CD. Source: Wikipedia