Kiyoderu Yuugami

Kiyoderu Yuugami works in the Shadow Organization's Prosecution Office on Guillotine Island, and is on its Special Investigations Team. He takes Tokine in for questioning after she destroys the Hidagou land lord, but is bothered by the suspicious nature of her arrest. He ultimately betrays his comrades and helps Tokine escape. Yashiro discovers his scheme and tries to kill him in order to frame Tokine, but he manages to escape and somehow ends up drifting in the lakeshore. He is rescued by Tokine while she tries to leave the island swimming. Kiyoderu can use his own blood to create many objects. Summoning Kamina: Kiyoderu commands Kamina, a giant, black, bat-like demon that he summons from a briefcase. Kamina serves as Kiyoderu's flying transport.[1] Tie-Knife: Kiyoderu can manipulate his tie so that it becomes a knife, capable of either suddenly stabbing enemies, or supporting his weight while he climbs.

Kiydoreru's older sister was the successor of his family and guardian of one of the lands affected by the Shinyuuchi hunting. After the Shinyuuchi was destroyed she lost her purpose in life and committed suicide.

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