Black Cat
Height: 182cm Tall Weight: 73kg Hobbies: Working out Tattoos: Has lotuses on his back and left arm and a yin yang on his stomach. He also has double happiness on his wrists and A flood of customers on his left hand. Theyre all very auspicious sayings. The witch Mayoko Okino aka Majokos familiar 300 years ago his differentcolored eyes and pure black coloring were interpreted as an ill omen so he was dumped into a water deitys lake. But he was soon taken in by Mayoko and because of that hes utterly loyal to her as well as headoverheels in love with her. Hes a forktailed magical cat a nekomata so when hes in his cat shape he can sit in his owners lap or take a bath with her. But while hes more than happy to do those things as a cat hed much rather do them in this form. Source: Zone00 vol 1 character profiles