193cm Tall 95kg Hobbies: The sauna, Riding a difficult mountain pass. Tattoos: A storm of crimson cherry blossoms, since he's a cop. He also has a picture of a full moon and a beautiful maiden holding a rabbit on his back. Tobacco: Echo Heads up the police department's criminal investigation unit, which maintains peace in the city. Thanks to him, the city is very orderly. Investigating the drug Zone-00 keeps him extremely busy lately. He works very hard. His real form is that of a dog deity of the fenril variety. Kujo was surprised to hear that he was a cop, but not that he was a wolf--"Because he's got all those wounds!" Murakumo is close friends and drinking buddies with the Yatagarasu, Benten, and also knows Byakko (Konnosuke) and Kiyoami from way back. Everyone believes that he's honest and trustworthy, and many creatures look up to him as a big brother.