Casare Gustave

He is the twins father. He is very cold and manipulative. He comes to take Angus back to Sweden when Madame Mode complains of not hearing from Angus in a very long time. He refuses to acknowledge Eros as his son due to him having the same eye color as the twins mother. He is of high nobility in Sweden. He married the daughter of a rich baron to prevent his wealth from further declining. He threatens the twins by saying he will use whatever means necessary to bring Angus back to Sweden. He has hired some people to keep a watch over Lele. He hears about the twins escaping to Los Angeles and is baffled that Angus is not obeying his orders to come back to Sweden. He sends goons over to LA to bring Angus back but when they come back with Eros instead he is angry. However he decides to let Eros stay