Martel Yggdrasill

Martel is Mithos039s sister and one of the four seraphims and the apparent deity worshiped by the Church of Martelmdasha monotheistic religion with aspects derived from the reallife Roman Catholic Church. The Church is nearly identical in both the worlds of Tethe039alla and Sylvarant save for the hierarchical system present in Tethe039alla which has a Pope as its spiritual leader. Martel is a half elf and was banished from Heimdall along with Mithos. She was murdered by a human who was attempting to take control of Mana. After her death Mithos places Martel039s soul in the Great Seed with the use of a Cruxis Crystal. Mithos then seeks to revive Martel no matter the consequences. Near the end of the game Mithos succeeds in doing so but Martel admonishes him for the actions he has done. After the germination of the great seed Martel039s soul merged with the great seed039s soul. She then becomes the Summon Spirit of Yggdrasil the new World Tree of Mana that Lloyd names at the end of the game as proof of the pact between them although the name Lloyd chose is never mentioned It is presumed to be quotYggdrasilquot as that is the World Tree039s name in Tales of Phantasia.