Arc Eda Ricolne


Worldwide wanted criminal at the beginning of the animation series, Arc was prior the main protagonist of a quest to find his 10 years missing father Yoshua, and is native from the little town of Touvil. Naturally good-hearted and altruistic, he strongly believes in the good nature of people and often happen to be delusionned by human's corruption and trend for deceiving each other. He gradually built a deep relationship with Touvil's Sacred White Clan member Kukuru, who decided to follow the will of the Guardians by following Arc through his quest to restore the balance of Nature with the benefits of their powers. In the animation series following Arc the Lad II events, Elc considers Arc as his main antagonist and rival, seeing him as the one who led the destruction of his native village aboard the Silver Noah, Arc's current airship, before being taken to the hell of "White House" by the Romalian army.

The blessing of the five elemental spirits of Nature maintaining the balance of the world, the Guardians, revealed Arc's fate when he helped Kukuru to re-ignite the Flame Cion, engaging the young swordman in a fight to save humanity from the Dark One's destruction by searching for a mythical Ark that enslaves it. He his framed for the murder of his uncle, the former king of Palencia, who entrusted him the Silver Noah before expressing his will to help Arc in his quest and soon being assassinated by Andel, ministry of Palencia corrupted by the Dark One, thus reluctently leading the world's governments to the Great Disaster and satisfying his thirst for destruction.