Kang-Sung, also known as Sammoonryong (lit. Three Arts Dragon), is the curent chief of the Martial Arts Alliance. It is unknown how powerful Kang-Sung really is even with the title of Sammoonryong. Others say he did not pursue the title of Goomoonryong because of obligations to lead his clan. He is a calm and righteous man who has his own beliefs that differ from Gijoo Song, Hyuntae, and the previous Alliance Chief. Though Goomoonryong killed his master and Gijoo, he doesn't believe in revenge. He initially admires Goomoonryong and tries his best to understand him, despite the fact that the Chief and his own master deemed him as their enemy. He is loyal to the Alliance and greatly values the traditions of the Murim, so when Goomoonryong mocks the relationship between master and student, he considers it as the last straw and is ready to fight him. (Source: The Breaker Wiki)