Akira E. Ferrari

晃・E・フェラーリ, Crimson Rose
Birthday:Jul 29
Blood Type:O
Status: Prima Place of Birth: Aqua Height: 168 cm Akira is one of Neo Venezia039s three Water Fairies and is Aika039s supervisor with the Himeya company. She is nicknamed the Demon Instructor for her strict training regimen as well as her loud and brusque personality. She is particularly harsh with Aika in spite of the fact that the girl is her employers039 heir though she does so since she honestly thinks that there is potential in her. As such she is the only Himeya employee who does not fawn on Aika though even the latter admits that it is only due to Akira039s strictness and honesty that she has been able to become a good undine. As a prima undine she is known as quotCrimson Rosequot . Akira is famous for her conversational skills as well as her intimate knowledge of the sights to be seen in Neo Venezia. She has a lot of admirers among her customers though surprisingly enough these are more female than male which seems to bother her a little as she considers herself very feminine. Akira and Alicia039s relationship mirrors Akari and Aika039s though Alicia is far more teasing when Akira is around. This isn039t that much of a surprise as Akira and Alicia are childhood friends. However Akira is still galled that Alicia became a Prima earlier than her despite the fact that Alicia initially became an undine to tag along with her. Source: Wikipedia