Kiki Shikizaki

四季崎 記紀
A master swordsmith and soothsayer of the Sengoku period who was reclusive belonged to no house nor country and is renowned by many of the other characters his work was regarded so highly that during said period 1000 of his swords were distributed over 25 countries and that the country with the most of his swords during that time dominated it. Of those 1000 swords the first 988 he had created are believed to have been practice for the last twelve: the Deviant Blades. Inspiration came from his ability to peer into the future seeing the methods he implied to his latest creations. He was friends with the founder of the Kyotryuu Kazune Yasuri his 039final blade039. He dabbled in alchemy and the occult during his development of the Deviant Blades. Later is it confirmed that Kyotryuu is Shikizaki039s Perfected Deviant Blade. Source: English Wikipedia