Bean Bandit

Bean Bandit often referred to simply as Bean is a professional courier and the driver to call on when you need to make a quick getaway or have a critical delivery of a questionable nature that needs to be made. There are few jobs he will not undertake but his high price needs to be met. Bean tries in all dealings to be a man of great honor. Once a client has paid his fee will give him or her his all and when Bean is on the job his custombuilt bulletproof techedout muscle car is as unstoppable as he is. There are two things that Bean wont tolerate from a client. The first are attempts to betray him in any wayshortchange him reneg on deals lie about the nature of a job and so on and the second are directly endangering or threatening children. Either of these will cause Bean to abandon his client in the worst way possible or to simply turn on him or her immediately. Generally speaking however once Bean is behind the wheel he will reach the finish line. Source: BESM