Ji-Gum Yoo

이규범, Smiling Blade, Blade star
A Mysterious boy who works with a woman named Sera. JiGum later transfered to Nine Dragons High School. He is very popular with the girls because of his looks and charisma. He appears to get along with SaeHee which in turn makes ShiWoon worried. In reality JiGun is the prodigy of the ShinRimMoon school. While little is known about the school or its history within Murim it is theorized that this boy could defeat SoChun Hyuk if he used a sword. When JinIe explained to GyuBum Yi about his fighting style he analyzed his skill claiming he fought her using his hands. However GyuBum claims that in the past he was renowned as a skilled sword master meaning the style or length of a blade is meaningless even chopsticks could be used as a sword summarizing that JiGuns unit of measure is only the length of his finger. His skills are exceptional being able to defeat JinIe with only a finger JinIe being in the top 5 fighters in the powerful SunWoo Clan. However during his match with ShiWoon it is revealed that he does not in fact use the swordless style and is instead simply using a finger technique. It is also revealed that he holds a leather gauntlet on his left wrist in which he can draw a sword from. He later admits defeat to ShiWoon. He recently found JinIe a new job at a maid caf whom his friend Dojin was manger and later talks to ShiWoon about JinIes job. Chapter 46 he reviced call from Dojin about what happaned and asked his master Sera to get Shiwoon. It is later revealed that JiGum joined S.U.C.s five captain seat before JiWoo Li source: Wikipedia source: The Breaker: New Waves volume 1 Chapter 48