Pilot Name: Mekibos Group: Inspectors Nickname: Leader in the Shadows, Meki-chan (by Zeb) Theme Song: Violent Battle Units Piloted: Graterkin, Liege Geios, Graterkin II Games Appeared: 3, 4, F Final, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations. He's one of the Inspectors, and is Wendolo's older brother. Mekibos first comes off as flippant and arrogant, generally not taking his job, colleagues, or enemies seriously. The only person he appears to have any real respect (or fear) for is Wendolo, who is his superior. At first, he regards Earthlings as contemptuously as his the rest of the Zovorg, but he gradually comes to have a genuine respect not only for their combat prowess, but for their will to live and ability to harness emotion.

He disagreed with Wendolo's actions, and sided with the Earthlings eventually. Irm trusted him, and they accepted his help. Wendolo gives him one last chance, but Mekibos refused to fight against them. He also rigged Wendolo's teleportation system. He was soon killed by Wendolo after he found that out. He's later revived as a cyborg, thanks to the Zovorg, and is sent to help the Earth forces by orders of the privy council.