Athena Glory

アテナ・グローリィ, Siren, Seiren
Status: Prima Birth Date: December 24 Birth Place:Aqua Height: 170 cm Age: 21 Blood Type: AB The third quotWater Fairyquot who works for Orange Planet and acts as Alice039s mentor. She tends to be a total airhead who does not really pay attention to anything in the anime she once rowed under a bridge and forgot to duck but genuinely cares about Alice. She was a trainee undine with Alicia and Akira and often joined them in joint practice sessions much like Akari Aika and Alice do now. Athena has a beautiful singing voice which she uses to entertain her customers and also to help Alice when she is in some kind of trouble. Athena has a strange laugh it usually comes out sounding as though she is angry. She came to know Alicia and Akira when they were still trainee undine and practised together back then. She tends to be quiet most of the time but happy to join in having fun. Her appellation as a prima undine is quotSeirenquot denoted as quotHeavenly Voicequot. Source: Wikipedia