Mr. Kalium
An Amalgam agent and the head of Amalgams Execution Squads Gates seems to have two personalities. He is known to be killing his subordinates whenever Gates messes up an operation hears that an Amalgamsponsored mission is a failure or doesnt display any regard for life for the most part when he is angry such as pushing one of a chopper dragging another down on the swimming pool shooting an Amalgam terrorist in the head and even played around with Xia Yu Lans corpse. But on the other hand Gates showed his intelligence that he was able to note the Arbalest and the M9s that were in Balic. At one point Gates began to sing Ave Maria while Xia Yu Lan and a group of Amalgam commandos began to kill every armed Balic soldier.One light side about Gates is that he is protective about himself specially about being bald since the front of his head shows no hair present. Source: Wikipedia