Friday Monday

The enigmatic founder and head of the Enfant organization. Very little is known about his past before 1999 when he used his Gift to open the Door of Truth in a failed attempt to plunge the world into a total war which as he believes is its natural state. His attempt was foiled by Colonel Richard Burton so the conflict only broke out locally in the country where the ritual was held and where the Enfant HQ was later situated in GazthSonika. To repeat the ritual and complete what he has started Monday has been ever since searching for the two missing Holy Books he managed to keep Firstari and another person with a strong Gift as he is no longer able to use his own allegedly because the right half of his face which he always hides it behind a mask is disfigured by Burtons bullet. Although it is not stated explicitly within the series according to Kichi Mashimos vision Monday was once a talented artist.