Carrossea Doon

An independent contract worker for Bookwald Industries although in reality he is one of Enfants best operatives and the righthand man of Friday Monday himself. Carrossea is smart and resourceful and he often exploits his position and powers in order to search for clues about his past for he just like Madlax and Margaret doesnt remember anything before twelve years ago. During the incident in GazthSonika Carrossea then known as Poupee and Margaret were the sole survivors of the plane crash maybe because both possessed the Gift. He rapidly fell in love with and vowed to protect her therefore when Margaret interrupted the standoff between her father and Monday CarrosseaPoupee has to cover her with his own body from a stray bullet and died on the spot. However his rather weak Gift the power of the Sanctuary and his will to protect Margaret sufficed to partly resurrect him at expense of his memories. Friday Monday has found his amnesiac persona named him Carrossea and made his personal assistant whereas his memories remained confined to the Sanctuary with the entity named Poupee. Common past is probably the reason of the rapid mutual trust that appeared between Carrossea and Margaret upon their first meeting as personae.