アルテナ, Merciful Mother, High Priestess
Altena is a ranking member of the ruling body which governs Soldatsan ancient secret society whose power clandestinely reigns over the globe. Not much is known about Altena at the present but there seems to be a lot of opposition to her motives within Soldats higher echelon. The focus of Altena039s efforts lies within a project known only as Le Grand Retour. While the full scope of the Le Grand Retour project remains clouded it is believed to have something to do with the origin of Soldats and the original purpose of Noir. Should Altena succeed it is believed that she would have the power to reshape Soldats in any way she sees fit. This prospect does not sit well with the other members of the Soldats hierarchy but their ability to counter Altena039s ambitions remains wanting to say the least. While Altena may seem to be a gentle motherly figure this woman certainly possesses a dark side that is reflective in her philosophy that quotIf love can kill people hatred can save them.quot This belief is the driving force which governs all of her actions and she has instilled this creed into Chloe whom she raised alone within the archaic confines of the Manor.