Yaoki Yaoki is a ninja from Sunagakure and a subordinate of Gaara along with his partner Korobi. He is shown to be cowardly and wimpy around Gaara due to him formally be a murderous maniac. When Konoha and Suna started to get along again Yaoki was assigned on a team with Gaara to take out a group of bandits located between Suna and Konoha which Team 7 was also assigned to. When Gaara was captured by an assassination squad from their village Gaara tells them to leave because the squad after only him. Naruto runs into Yaoki and Korobi seeing Gaara is not with them and asking them why they abandoned their friend. The two both wonder if Gaara is their friend. Yaoki and Korobi both assisted Naruto in Gaara039s rescue and they tell him they039re his friends. When their mission was accomplished Gaara asked Yaoki and Korobi what they said and they happily tell him they039re his friends. source: Narutopedia