Nakahito Kagura

As the son of a long line of Onmyou mystics 12yearold Nakahito wishes to be a powerful mystic like his older brother Kamihito. After being bullied by older boys into sneaking into the secret lab of Dr. Ayanokoji Nakahito comes across a pinkhaired woman in a maids outfit. At first Nakahito believes she is just a lifesized doll but when she falls on him and their lips touch she comes to life Now this girl Kurumi is totally devoted to him calls him Master and will gladly do anything he asks... if only he knew what to do with her. Nakahito is a nervous and insecure child. He often feels bad for not being as great a mystic as his older brother. He is often embarrassed by the rapt attention Kurumi gives him. But over time his relationship with her grows. Source: