Kiiriyama Eiji

桐山 英治
Director of Kiriyama Heavy Industries and responsible of the creation of the Thunderclap Armas he was childhood friend of Reiji Moritsugu of whom greatly respected his ideals of justice. Apparently however over time those ideals became twisted and warped thus making him a greedy arrogant and overconfident individual. His incarnations differs considerably: in the manga he used the Katou Organization as mere guinea pigs to show the prowess of the Thunderclap while in the anime he initially forged an alliance with them though his greed for power prompted him to try and subdue them as well after staging a coup dtat that granted him the control of Japan. Kiriyama was a Factor and to crush the remains of JUDA after conquering Japan he fought them himself though he was defeated after being publicly unmasked as a ruthless dictator and one of the stage figures of the coup. He was recovered by Katou and thanks to Masaki Sugiwara revived as a Machinaturned human. Being fused with his Machina made Kiriyama completely insane and also heralded his demise when while fighting JUDA a second time he fused almost completely with his Machina and was obliterated musing in his last moments on how he truly admired Reijis old ideals and how he wanted to be a hero for him. Eijis Machina is Pretender a machine most unique in that it is the only Machina that can transform changing from a fighter jet to a walking mecha at high speed even in midflight. Despite its bizarre appearance it benefits from an enormous mobility and a huge degree of firepower granted by a large number of missile launchers and wireless NerveCrackers identical to those used by Deceive. For close combat it is armed with a massive combat knife.