Ginei Morioka

森丘銀影, Gin, Mad Dog
Birthday:Jul 8
Ginei Morioka nicknamed Gin for short is a werewolf and the president of the Newspaper Club who speaks in an Osakan dialect. He is a second later thirdyear student at Yokai Academy and a shameless peeping tom who initially began as an antagonist to Tsukune but becomes somewhat of an older brother/guardian to him and his friends. He ceases his schemes so other students will stop calling him a pervert but remains unchanged in the anime. He has no second thoughts about trying to impress other girls though his affections lie with Moka. While working in the club he tends to leave all the work to his subordinates including the distribution of the paper.Ginei has proven himself to be a loyal friend and has provided the group with helpful information often acting as the pervert. In his first year at Yokai Academy all he did was fight. Because of this he was known as Mad Dog Morioka until San put him in his place by being his opponent.