Takeshi Nakazato

Nakazato Takeshi is the leader of the Myogi NightKids. He made his first appearance at the race in Akina where Keisuke Takahashi of the RedSuns is to race against Takumi. Surprised that Takumi could defeat Keisuke Takeshi decides that he is going to be the one to challenge and defeat the Akina downhill specialist and that the RedSuns are next on his list. He is an intelligent and skilled driver notably recognizing Takumis the gutter hook technique while observing the EightSixs first battle with Keisukes FD. However his downfall is his anger and emotions getting in the way of his mind resulting in poor throttle control. He also races allout and usually fails to consider tire wear so in the end he loses the race sometimes crashing his car. He is very good at acceleration and is known for his grip driving philosophy. His previous car was a Nissan Silvia S13 with which he used drifting techniques. He changed to the R32 after a devastating loss to a white or rather silver R32 on his home course of Myogi. Following the defeat by the Skyline his philosophy changed favoring grip driving techniques over weak and showy drifting techniques. He also believed that no matter what skill a driver has a car will not run beyond its capabilities. Source: Initial D Wiki