キノ, 旅人, Tabibito, Traveler
Gender: Male Hair Color: Brown 2003 anime blonde 2017 anime manga Eye Color: Brown 2003 anime blue 2017 anime The original Kino was a young man who traveled by the same threeday rule that the main character Kino does. His arrival in Land of Adults sparks the beginning of the story and is Kinos inspiration to travel after they attempt to discover his past. Kino often make statements similar to the original Kinos and even quotes him on occasion. Kino is a tall and very thin man when he arrived at Land of Adults. They note that he arrived on foot and while ridiculed by the guards he appeared to display immerse dignity. His first appearance shows him disheveled wearing a black jacket with a long dusty brown coat with a tattered backpack. He also wore boots that the young Kino had never seen before. They note that his cheeks were sunken and that due to the guards ridicule white insect powder clung to his hair. They also state that they are unable to understand the language that he sings in and that he does so quite poorly. Kino lived with his mother in a country by a large forest. Growing up he told his mother that he would like to travel. He believed that the traveling related to not only his own growth but also to the growth of his country. As the years passed he traveled from his home more and more frequently. Kino is shown to know how to repair machinery he salvages and repairs a motorcycle which eventually is named Hermes after an old motorcycle he had used to travel with before. Source: Kinos Journey Wiki edited