Luck Gandor

Intelligent executive of the Mafia Gandor Family. The third of the brothers and childhood friend of Firo having grown up in the same apartment block. Although he and his brothers lead the Gandor family Lucks close ties with Firo makes the Gandors allies of the Martillo Family. He is always calm and levelheaded preferring to resort to violence only when necessary. When that time approaches he does not hesitate to eliminate his opponent while still maintaining his calm demeanor. Sometimes with a faint smile on his face which according to Firo is just a pretense to look cool. Luck intentionally pretends to be ruthless because he believes that he is not suited to be a mafia. Since Luck was not a part of the group of Alchemists who sought the immortality elixir in 1711 he is not one of the original immortals. He gains his immortality by accident in 1930 when Issac and Miria mistake the elixir for wine and shares it with the Gandor brothers and Martillo Family.