Ivis grew up alongside Crimrose, and was her best friend. Ivis was often weak and relied on Crim most of the time in her life. She looked up to her and always came to her in times of need, sadness, and worry. When Crim was recruited as part of an experiment, Ivis refused to let Crim go without taking her along as well. Ivis and Crim began to grow up happy and cheerful in the facility, until the day the experiments began. Like Crim, she was always getting injured by others as an experiment, and began questioning their safety. As years passed she found Crim suffering from severe shock and damage after a recent attempt at controlling the chain. She was assured Crim's safety, and then Ivis began being experimented on after Crim was abandoned. Ivis, later seeking to see Crim, entered the Professor's office after knocking many times. There she found the other children who were test subjects, horribly mutated. The professor then teased her about how Crim was a failed product and was "thrown away" as trash, and then explained to Ivis that she was the successful product. Ivis; worried about Crim, went into a rampage and activated the chain. Ivis murdered the Professor and began destroying the rest of the "failed" experiments. She then fled to Chaos who offered her a place in the world. As years passed she went to Angel Force where she found Crim. Hoping for a chance to be together with her again, Ivis told her she would take Crim back to Chaos. Crim refused and Ivis began to slaughter Crim's allies. Afterwards she went to Angel Force to wreak havoc. Crim stepped in and confronted Ivis in a fight. Ivis lost the fight and fled back to Chaos.