クリムローゼ, Crim

Crim "Crimrose" grew up as a strong-willed girl, and close friend to Ivis. She was recruited for research unknown to the fact that it was for creating the ultimate killing weapon. Due to being unable to handle the weapon, her arm became severely damaged in the first try. Eventually on her attempt years later, she suffered severe shock to her body. She was later discarded for being considered a "Failed Product". She later ended up with the Angel Force. However, how or when this happened, is not known currently. She does however, seem to suffer som amnesia from her past, and only seems to remember Ivis, but not their times of being experimented on. She is later confronted by Ivis who attempts to take her away from Angel Force and join Chaos so they can have peace together. Crim refused causing a fight between her and Ivis.