ギャルディーノ, Mr. 3, Three
A self proclaimed brilliant strategist Mr. 3 prides himself that his plans are supposedly flawless and was ordered to kill the Straw Hat Pirates and decided to claim the bounty on the giants Dorry and Broggy. Mr. 3 ate the Doru Doru no Mi Wax Wax Fruit in the English giving him the power to produce molten wax from any part of his body. However he cant turn himself into wax. He sabotages a sacred battle between the two giants and then captures Vivi Nami and Zoro creating a huge spinning wax cake he made with his devil fruit abilities to rain wax down upon them the desired effect being that the three will slowly be encased in wax and suffocate to death. This would also give Mr. 3 human wax statues as he admits he has trouble making perfect human wax figures himself. Mr. 3 was defeated at the end along with three other Baroque Works Officer Agents Miss Goldenweek Mr. 5 and Miss Valentines Day.