Sera Kang


She is a member of the Mil-Yang Clan and is currently the clan's head. She had initially gained a grudge against Shi-Woon Yi because Goomoonryong had killed her grandfather until today, where the two are friends-in-arms, and love interest of Shi-Woon Yi She is a young, slender girl with ears that stick out of her long, black, straight hair. She is often wearing formal attire. Other clothing she had worn would be general clothing, whether it'd be a long or short-sleaved shirt with shorts or skirts. In her initial introduction with her meeting with Shi-Woon, the latter had remarked his first impressions of her to be "a very beautiful, kind-looking young lady." She has a very forward personality and with her expression-less face, it is hard to determine what her true intentions are. Sometimes, she may be seen wearing glasses, generally and probably for reading intentions, as seen when doing paperwork or helping teach Shi-Woon. (Source: The Breaker Wiki)