Shun Kakei

The fourth tallest player on the team and the de facto captain. Shun is the first character to admit there is a real quotEyeshield 21quot playing football at Notre Dame prep school of which Sena who was made into an quotEyeshield 21quot from Notre Dame by Hiruma was not according to him. Shun had gone to school in America during his middle school years losing interest in football due to the size advantage of his American counterparts and quitting the game because of it. After seeing the Japanese player from Notre Dame in action Shun became determined to play again to the point where he went up against Eyeshield 21. The encounter inspired him to train with new enthusiasm as he promised to meet up with him again at the finals. However when the next game against Notre Dame finally came around Eyeshield 21 was nowhere to be found. Shun asked around for his whereabouts but no one seemed to know who he was or even if he existed. Shun claimed that Sena was a fake since the Eyeshield he knew was far taller. He then declared to defeat the Devil Bats imposter. He later admits that Sena is deserving of the title of Eyeshield 21 and tells him to keep fighting until the final game. Because Shun is consistently seen as serious he seems to be dogged by his teammates immature actions. But because he appears used to it he can even ignore the fact that Sena Monta and his other teammates were trying to stop Mizumachi from peeking at the bathhouse and making a big fuss out of it before he who were then pushed right through the wall by Urashima Kyoshins cheerleader vice captain. Later when Deimon plays the Bando Spiders Shun seems to hint that player Akaba Hayato is the Eyeshield 21 from Notre Dame.