Age:19 Height: 511 Eye Color: brown Hair: black Weapons: DoubleEdged Tsurugi often mistaken for a Katana and Tanto concealed in the hilt of the scabbard Sword Style: Champloo Kendo Mugen is rude vulgar and often thinks highly himself. Much of his past is a mystery. He was born on the Ryukyu Islands never knew his parents and was a former pirate. After an incident forced him to fake his death he became a vagabond. But things changed after he met Jin and Fuu. Though very rough around the edges he has a mutual understanding with Jin and cares for Fuu more than he lets out considering he usually ends up going after her whenever she gets kidnapped. His fighting style is described as a champloo which means mix. It combines all sorts of martial arts unorthodox swordplay and break dancing. He relies on instinct and reflex to surprise his enemies. His style of clothing represents the future whereas Jins represents the past. His black hair is usually untidy and is similar in shape to an afro.