Beyblade: Lightning LDrago ( The Forbidden Bey) Special Moves: - Dragon Emperor: Soaring Bite Strike - Dragon Emperor: Soaring Kill - Dragon Emperor: Death Claw Ryuga is the leader of the Dark Nebula and the show's main antagonist. He was in a coma for years, until he is awakened by Ginga and Pegasis. Ryuga is vicious, merciless, and enjoys terrorizing other beybladers. He gathers strength by sucking the power of fear and anger out of those he battles. His goal is to restore LDrago to it's full power and unleash his evil to the world. Ryuga is the reason Ginga's father, Ryūsei, died. With the Dark Nebula, he attacked the town Ginga lived in. After defeating Ryūsei in a battle with his LDrago, rocks fell from the volcano on top Ginga's father. This is the reason why Ginga wants to beat Ryuga. (source: Beyblade wiki + beyblade.com - edited by maluser)