Gaignun Kukai Jr.

Rubedo a.k.a. Gaignun Kukai Jr. is an U.R.T.V. UDO Retro Virus that was created to combat UDO which had appeared on the planet Milta in T.C. 4740. He had the ability to keep his fellow U.R.T.V.s which included Albedo Piazzolla and Nigredo a.k.a. Gaignun Kukai through a spiritual link Rubedo suddenly had a vision of Miltas destruction which broke the link and caused the U.R.T.V.s to go mad and slay the residents of Milta as well as the other U.R.T.V.s. Rubedo along with Nigredo were rescued before Milta disappeared into the Abyss by Jin Uzuki the older brother of Shion Uzuki and chaos. Although Rubedo is the oldest of the U.R.T.V.s surviving he has had his body modified to remain at its appearance of a 12 yearold boy. Because of this he has taken the guise of the adopted son of Gaignun Kukai Nigredo. He also has the ability to enter a special mode Red Dragon which he can use to combat UDO. However sometimes it is hard to tell if he is a mature being or still a little boy since he can still act a little rash. Rubedo also has access to the Kukai Foundations assets which include the dreadnought Durandal which he uses to collect and confine the 13 Zohar Emulators which were created. He also uses the Durandal to confine humans that were turned into Gnosis by the touch of other Gnosis Shion Uzuki is the one human who has escaped this awful fate. He is also very fond of MOMO because of his previous relationship to the person she was modeled after Sakura Mizrahi. source: Absolute Anime