Bocca Serenade

The main character. Brave determined and equipped with a heart for adventure Bocca is not your average school boy. In fact he does badly in school and is disliked by his teachers. He eventually drops out to pursue his dreams of becoming a Melos Warrior leaving behind the old and familiar including his parents and brother. Bocca was a rebellious member of the archery club the students are discouraged from using actual arrows since the monsters are trying to discourage the development of such skills who longed to be a warrior to fight against the injustices he saw in the world. Although people classify monsters as myth and tell Bocca to stay away from the old man who loiters near his school he befriends the old man named Tsunagi who is actually a scientist. Bocca also worked part time for him at his autoshop. Bocca soon meets Sayoko who tells him she is looking for a warrior hearing this gives Bocca new hope for what he wants to do in life. When the warrior Kurofune the same warrior Sayoko was looking for goes to see Tsunagi Bocca learns that Tsunagi was the leading scientist of aibanetic technology and an ally of the warriors. Later that day Bocca witnessed a battle between Hor and Kurofune which awoke the possibility to become a warrior within him. When Kurofune leaves to continue on with his journey Bocca and Sayoko decide to go after him. The series then follows Bocca039s journey as he sees the damage the monsters have done learns of the humans who have pledged allegiance to them meets other Melos Warriors and develops a romantic relationship with Sayoko. His Melos tattoo is on his left arm and his Ivermachine is Elan Vital. His command for his Melos arrow is quotFlash.quot His bow was originally the bow he used for the archery club and when it got broken it was replaced by the handle bars of his Ivermachine. Source: Wikipedia