Park Hyunmi

박 휸미, Hangeul
Southern Yardplays secondincommand her name is Park Hyunmi she is the successor for Chun Guesongs Southern Yard faction Leader the Topper. She has short blonde hair with earrings on both ears. First shown appearing in chapter 40 wearing a small scarf under an unzipped motorbike suit so Guesong could pass on Southern Yardplays seventh technique Shadowers Magic Techniques. She fights a special kind of dummy who has the nervous system and techniques of Chun Guesong in volume 9 and is almost killed by it but gains the upper hand in the end. In volume 10 just like the rest of the student body are killed by Vera by the Elders request. Techniques: Bunha Spinning Dish A projectile Ki attack using a dark core with a ring of air surrounding it. Mirage A lost skill from Yardplay faction Chun Guesong restored uses Ki to move the entire body requiring no Footwork. In volume 9 Kombengi apparently uses this technique against an special dummy.