Naoji Ishizuki

Date of Birth: February 23 17 years old Blood Type: O Height: 177 cm Weight: 57 kg Club Activities: Literature Club Likes: History and Culture Dislikes: Nothing Poetic Naoji is the only one who does not have a rank and is in fact not a noble. Naoji was born in Japan to a prestigious family. His father sent him to Kuchen so that he can be an educated and experienced man but also to protect him from the impending war in Japan WWII. Without his knowledge a Kuchen citizenship application was submitted in his name by his father something he is very upset over. He is staying with a man named Foster who was like a father to Naojirsquos mother.His grandmother was born in Kuchen to a Dukedom and was described to be a true lady with perfect education. She met Naojirsquos grandfather when he was studying abroad and all but eloped with him to Japan. Throughout the anime series Naoji is the only one who speaks the common Japanese dialect while the rest of the characters speak in an extremely polite and somewhat archaic dialect to distinguish between them. Source: Wikipedia and Meine Liebe Manga