Natsuko Nishino


She is a girl, that haves short brown hair with dark blue eyes, and usually wearing white cap. She is a little bit shorter than Amu. She loves baseball. She asks Amu to play baseball, and Amu decides to follow her. The real is, Natsuko haves dream to be a pitcher. But she haves an enemy that now is a pitcher, named Fujita. Kukai teaches her to be a pitcher, but she is nervous. Natsuko's pitching skills are very great. Kukai comes to be the special training coach, and Kukai said Natsuko's pitching skill is fast, but no control. She (Natsuko) said she is nervous. And, when test started, Natsuko did it, But, Fujita is choosen to be the pitcher. She was sad, and Lulu turns her heart's egg into ? egg.