Asahi Yuki

結城 あさひ
Birthday: July 3 Sign: Cancer Blood Type: B Likes: Chocolate Dislikes: Fresh Cream Asahi was Torus friend in childhood one of a few who knew about him being an Iris Zero. When they got into fight she revealed his secret causing him to become a victim of bullying that made them more of childhood enemies than childhood friends. Asahi is now Sasamori Koyukis best friend together with her in class 26. When Asahi slaps her homeroom teacher Fujimurasensei Koyuki runs to Toru whos qualified to help and makes him resolve the problem thus causing Toru and Asahi to eventually make up. With her Iriss power Asahi can see a devils tails growing out of people when they are lying. She has a strong sense of justice and was apiring to become a police officer in the future. After the incident she decided to aim for being a lawyer instead. She is strongwilled and independent though she is afraid of ghost and thelike. Loves sweets.