Shindou is a soccer star in Shunpei's school, and although almost every girl in the school admires him, his only love, is a strange one at that. He is in love with a black-haired doll named Tomiko, and talks to it as if it was a living object. (Tomiko is later shown to be a magical doll like Hyde) Behind his graceful look, he is actually a magic-user. Not to mention his style of fighting is different from the first two magic-users. Instead of hiding, and standing from the sidelines, sending his/or magic power for the magical doll to do his/her "dirty work". Shindou, and Tomiko instead fight together, therefore increasing the strength of Tomiko. (Hyde explains that the farther away the magic-user is from his magical doll, the less magic power he/she could send to their doll. And vice-versa) Making them a strong foe for Hyde, and Shunpei. Even though they fought together, in later chapters they become good friends. Growing up, Shindou's only friend was Tomiko as his rich father early on bought the neighborhood he lived in and forced his friends to move because he did not want Shindou to be friends with those he considers "scum". Despite the battle between Shindou, and Shunpei, the two are allies. (Source: Wikipedia)