ファルファレロ, Jei, Jay
Real name: Jei Age: 20 Place of birth: Ireland Likes: Knives and sharp objects Dislikes: God Weapon: Sharp blades and a dagger like weapon that can extend does not feel any pain. Called demented by most as his multitude of scars and ability to grin at insane acts of violence toward others and himself makes this accusation seem true. When he learned as a child that his real mother was Ruth the nun who had been his teacher Jei snapped and murdered his adoptive parents and sister then blocked out the memory developing a vendetta against God and Christians. In the Dramatic Image albums III and IV he and Schwarz meets a young woman named Sally Schumars while on the run. She is a timid witch who is trying to escape from Rosenkreuz a group of people with special gifts similar to Schwarz039s and Schwarz has a complicated history with the Rosenkreuz organization. Farfarello and Sally fall in love one of the main reasons being given is that she makes him feel again. At the end of the fourth Dramatic Image album he and Sally part from Schwarz with Schwarz039s sort of quotblessing.quot Farfarello039s name comes from one of the demons in Dante039s Inferno. Source: Mellow Candle and Wikipedia