Media who enrolls in class 1D after her first appearance in episode nine as an archaeologists assistant is sent to Peach Moon to keep an eye on Becky. She possesses superhuman strength and is always cheerful. She resembles Ichijo in that she does the seemingly impossible but she does this much less frequently than Ichijo. She and Behoimi have a past together that they vaguely allude to but never explain fully. Media is nearly always smiling and never quotopensquot her eyes except for one instance in episode nine. Also she is almost never seen without wearing her trademark maid outfit. In later episodes she attempts to persuade Behoimi to take on her role as the quothealing magical girlquot once more even in one episode putting a smaller version of her magic wand in her hand trying to invoke a response but Behoimi does not fall victim to her suggestions. Apparently she and Behoimi once fought