Shinemon Nitta

新田新右衛門, Shin Niita
Birthday:Dec 28
Blood Type:O
A supporting character in the Cardfight Vanguard V Series Anime as well the owner and manager of Card Capital. In the Shinemon arc Shin becomes the protagonist of the story in his third year of high school where he tries to save the future of Card Capital. Shin is extremely knowledgeable when is comes to Vanguard and is happy to assist others. He also acts as an overbearing guardian to his cousin Misaki Tokura. Despite no longer playing Vanguard Shins love for the game is evident. As a teenager he seems to be determined to save his familys business Card Capital. Hes a hotblooded fighter with a strong will that helps him overcome adversity. He tends to act rashly acting before thinking. However he does this out of love as a way to help Misaki and her parents. Source: Cardfight Vanguard Wiki