Heine Rammsteiner

Haine Rammsteiner is an albino gunman who has undergone genetic manipulation and implants as a child. He has a collar fused into the back of his neck called a spine and is able to quickly recover from any degree of injury due to the Kerberos experiments conducted by Angelika Einstuumlrzen. She is referred to as his quotmotherquot and she considers him to be her favorite of all the test subjects. Haine is usually emotionally distant and has no qualms about killing great numbers of people. He also has another personality which enjoys violence and destruction. He was raised in an underground research facility established to create the ultimate human weapon. Eventually he killed everyone involved with the Kerberos project in a berserker rage. Because he also killed his younger quotsisterquot Lily Haine has developed gynophobia an abnormal fear of women and will suffer a mental breakdown when in close proximity of a woman. He develops a bond with Nill after discovering she is also a genetic experiment and that he can come into physical contact with her. He carries two guns: a white Mauser C96 pistol connected to his belt by a long chain attached to the base of the grip and a black Luger P08 pistol. He often uses the chain for close range combat choking or restraining opponents with it. In Dogs the white gun does not have a chain. The author Shirow Miwa named Haine Rammsteiner after the band Rammstein stated as one of the author039s favorite bands on his personal site.