Mikado Sanzenin

三千院 帝
Mikado Sanzenin is Nagis grandfather and the head of the Sanzenin family. He lives in a mansion much bigger than Nagis mansion with many servantswho are all samelooking. It is unknown where the Sanzenin fortune comes from but Nagi calls her grandfather an oil tycoon. He has the ability to judge a persons character just by looking at them. Even though Mikado is Nagis only direct relative they dont get along. Nagi dreads on going to the main house to visit him. As a result Mikado is not seen after his first appearance. However it is obvious that he worries for her when he tries to stop the assassination/kidnapping attempts and pushes them onto Hayate when he announces that he will pass the Sanzenin inheritance to the person who makes Nagi cry and beg for forgiveness and later changed with the help of Maria who he is fond of to get rid of the butler first.