Licca Kayama

香山リカ, Licca-chan
Unknown to herself in the beginning of the story she is actually the princess of Doll Land. She is needed in Doll Land to succeed the throne but with Doll Land currently frozen in time by the work of a demon her family doesn039t want her to know. But after a string of events of her getting herself kidnapped her mother and grandmother decides to tell her the truth of her birth. She wears a pink Calling Bracelet on her wrist that lights up when she039s in trouble. Her grandmother at first was the one to chant the magic words to call on one of the Doll Knights to save her later in the story her grandmother adds something to her bracelet so she would be the one to chant the words and Doll Licca will come to save her. Licca Kayama039s initial design was taken from the longselling and popular Takara doll lineup quotLiccachanquot created by Miyako Maki in Japan and the series was a spinoff of the so called lineup.