Kaoru Orihara

折原 薫, Kaoru no Kimi
Kaoru is an androgynous beauty. Shes one year older than Nanako but shes in the same class as her because a mysterious disease prevented her from attending school for a year. Kaoru is a real leader in fact besides being the classleader shes also the captain of the school basketball team. She has a noble and generous heart and cant bear any form of injustice or abuse of power. The name everybody calls her Kaorunokimi Prince Kaoru comes from Kaoru Udaisho a noble character from the ancient Japanese tale Genji Monogatari a character famous for his beauty and the divine fragrance coming from his body. Kaoru is wellknown for her intense vitality and her incredible love for life shes probably Saint Justs closest friend she deeply cares for her and often gets mad at Reis neglect for her health. Kaorus heart still belongs to a person who is very close to Nanako a very deep relationship she decided to end....