Avril Bradley


An international student from Great Britain. Because she and Kazuya were both from abroad, they quickly found common ground and were able to talk freely. Is a beautiful girl with short blond hair and blue eyes. It is hinted that she has feelings for Kazuya. She represents Kazuya's ordinary ties to the school, apart from his adventures with Victorique. She also enjoys eating and is fond of ghost stories.

The real Avril Bradley was kidnapped on the way to the academy and replaced by Kuiaran II, the succesor of the famous thief Kuiaran who mysteriously disappeared 8 years prior. This thief wishes to continue his legacy by stealing the priceless works of famous artists and writers, etc., and was after a rare stamp that Avril's grandfather, a famed adventurer, had intended to give to her. She was rescued by Kujo, and later in the nurse's office said she thought he was a "black-haired prince." Ironically because the thief knew in high details of the real Avril. It wasn't hard for Kazuya to reestablish a friendship with the real Avril, who even developed feelings for him, but has a hard time trying to get closer to him due to his dedication to Victorique. In episode 14, she confessed her love for Kujo to Victorique but Victorique left before she can hear Avril's words.