Richard Lancelot

Saber Rider
Saber Rider was the captain of the Ramrod Equalizer Unit. He was a young man yet was described as quotlegendaryquot for his skills and marksmanship. Saber Rider hailed from the Scottish Highlands and was an expert with both swords and horses. He was generally depicted as being a gentleman with a cool head for tactics and decisions. Saber often rode a robotic horse named Steed which had highpowered thrusters and the ability to fly run and function in space. However it was not capable of long space travels so Steed was kept stored in Ramrod039s cargo bay being used mainly to travel down to planets from orbit or utilized on the planet039s surface. Steed was almost sentient in nature Saber once jokingly told someone to give him a sugar cube and was capable of recognizing his master039s voice and working independently when Saber was in danger. from Wikipedia