Misaki Shokuhou

食蜂操祈, The Queen, Mental Out
Misaki is a Level 5 student who attends Tokiwadai Middle School. She goes under the alias The Queen which refers to her having the largest faction within Tokiwadai Middle School. She appears as an elegant beauty of Tokiwadai Middle School sporting long straight hair of golden color. She wears a pair of white gloves and stockings both adorned with lace. She is also seen holding a shoulder bag with a star adorned on the middle. As one of the two Level 5s of Tokiwadai she and her followers have a rivalry with Misaka Mikoto and her fans. She never shows herself in public instead using her followers or mindcontrolling people to act as her representatives when talking with individuals. It is hinted that she has a strong dislike for public appearances and this is why whenever the school needs a face to promote certain public events she and her faction will simply stand aside and let Mikoto hog all of the attention and responsibilities. Daihasei Festival Arc