Dragonball: Yamcha the notorious desert bandit started out as an antagonist of Goku but quickly became his friend thanks to Bulma. He lived in the desert which resulted in him never having much female contact. Whenever he encountered Bulma he would blush immensely and become petrified right on the spot. Yamchas trade mark move was known as the Fist of the Wolf Fang. With this move he would strike the opponent with his hands in a claw like pose with his middle finger ring finger and thumb curled. His best friend is a floating shiftshaping cat named Puar. Dragonball Z: Yamchas cleaned up his act as a desert bandit and become a member of the Zfighters as well as a student of Master Roshi. Yamcha gained incredible ki control as displayed in his new signature move the Spirit Ball. With this move he can guide a ki ball in any direction using his middle and index fingers.